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Copper 8 Maravedis in Huluga

A single Copper 8 Maravedis coin minted in Segovia, Spain between 1788 and 1808. It bears the likeness of King Carlos IV. The text on the obverse side reads: "Charles IIII D.G. Hisp. Rex. (Charles IIII By The Grace Of God King Of Spain)".

Found by Elson T. Elizaga during surface scan of Obsidian Hill in Huluga archaeological site. Identified through online research. Housed in the City Museum of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Curator as of 2023 is JC Nolas.

Question: If the Huluga archaeological site is a "camp-like" area -- as claimed by archaeologists from the School of Archaeology -- what is this artifact doing there? Found among obsidian flakes, pottery sherds, whale harpoon head, wild boar jaw, chert flakes and shells, what is this Spanish money doing in a prehistoric camp-like area? End

Published by the Heritage Conservation Advocates (HCA).