Heritage Conservation Advocates
Destruction of the Huluga
Settlement Site

The Open Site is the location of a prehistoric village. In 2003, it was bulldozed by the administration of mayor Vicente Y. Emano, despite protests by the Heritage Conservation Advocates (HCA) and other groups. In response to this violation, six HCA members filed an administrative case against the city hall and the contractor. HCA also sent a letter and a large photo to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Photo of Open Site entrance, shot from low angle. Photo of Open Site, shot from Obsidian Hill.
Open Site Entrance   Portion of Open Site
Photo of bridge, taken June 7, 2003.   Photo of bridge construction materials.
The bridge which mayor Vicente Y. Emano described as "more important than heritage".   Construction materials
Photo of bridge construction site, showing Huluga Open Site and hill of caves.   Photo of HCA members Lourd Ostique and Antonio J. Montalvan II, doing archaeological surface scan at Obsidian Hill.
Construction area   Picking up obsidian flakes
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Published by the Heritage Conservation Advocates, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
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