Heritage Conservation Advocates
Huluga Chronology
vis-à-vis Scientific Study, Preservation and Tragedy
By Lourd Ostique
Administrative Officer, Museo de Oro, Xavier University
August 13, 2003
The plan of the City to build a south diversion access road and bridge at Taguanao-Balulang area was discovered by Mr. Antonio Montalván II of the City Historical Commission. There was an ocular inspection conducted by a team composed of Mr. Montalván, Dr. Linda Burton, City Councilor Maya Enteria, et.al.
September 28, 1999
A Resolution No. 4433-99 was passed and unanimously carried by the City Council of Cagayan de Oro in its regular session, to wit: “Declaring the Huluga Caves Area located in Taguanao and Indahag as a Heritage Landmark and likewise declaring it a policy to develop, protect and preserve the same.” The said resolution was signed by President D. Elipe, City Councilor and Acting City Vice-Mayor.
May 3, 2001
Letter of Dir. Dorothy Jean B. Pabayo of Region 10 addressed to Sec. Richard J. Gordon requesting the latter to intervene on saving Himologan (Huluga) Archaeological Site from possible destruction of bridge construction.
June 13, 2001
Dissemination of Position Paper of the Xavier University Museum to be Submitted to the City Executive and various government instrumentalities concerning the preservation of Huluga Caves and Open Sites.
June 16, 2001
Heritage Conservation Advocates of Cagayan de Oro City was organized by some media practitioners, environmentalists, academicians, and professionals to serve as vanguard of Huluga (and other heritage sites in Cagayan de Oro) for its protection and preservation.
June 29, 2001
A letter of Cecilio G. Salcedo, Acting Executive Director of the National Museum, addressed to Mayor Vicente Y. Emano informing the latter of the significance of the Huluga Archaeological Sites and the need to protect and preserve it for posterity.
July 11, 2001
Headline of Sun Star Cagayan de Oro, July 11, 2001 which says: "CH Violates Rule on Environ: EMB" By Terry C. Betonio

Highlight: “The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) in Region 10 has asked EMB Manila to issue a notice of violation to the city government after the construction of the cargo bridge in Upper Balulang started even without an environmental compliance certificate (ECC).”

July 12, 2001 (2:00 p.m.)
A consultation meeting of various representatives from NGO, Students, Media, Academe, XU Museum, and professionals together with various government heads, i.e. DENR Director, DOT Director, EMB-DENR, City Hiscom, City Engineer, City General Services, City Planning and Development, CIC, was held on July 12, 2001 at the Conference Room of the 4th floor of Social Science Center Building, Xavier University. Resolved during the meeting: It was decided that mitigating measures be set to preserve the Huluga Sites. Immediate Action Plan: The same group (attendees) with HCA will go to the bridge site and pinpoint the exact location of the sites to be preserved.
July 15, 2001
Feature in the Philippine Daily Inquirer: "The Huluga Caves: Back to Prehistory" by Froilan Gallardo, Inquirer Mindanao, A14.

Highlight: The Huluga Caves and an adjoining open site block the path of a proposed bridge and a four-lane highway in Barangay Taguanao in Cagayan de Oro. “I am also a Cagayanon. I assure you enough mitigating measures would be set in place to preserve the site,” Bingona told the Inquirer.

July 16, 2001
Ocular visit at bridge site in Huluga by a group who attended meeting on July 12, What transpired during the visit was the assurance made by Engr. Jorie Bingona, in the presence of the group, to preserve the Huluga Open Site. Tasked was given to CPDS to review the exact location of the Open Site and to make a map to be furnished to Dr. Linda Burton.
July 17, 2001
An article entitled "Historical Sites in the City Will Not Be Destroyed, Emano Says", by Butch Enerio from Today, July 17, 2001. Highlight: “I give you my assurance that no historical or archaeological site will be destroyed as we implement the infrastructure projects, because I myself is very concerned about these sites,” Emano said.
September 8, 2001
Launching of signature campaign for Manifesto of Protest to Mayor Vicente Y. Emano Against the Planned Destruction of Huluga Site
September 25, 2001
The office of City Vice-Mayor John Elizaga received the original copy of the Manifesto with attached signatures together with the covering letter requesting him to allow certain members of HCA to expound to the city council the importance of protecting the Huluga Caves Complex and Taguanao Open Site. 
October 1, 2001
A feature in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Lifestyle), "Heritage Sites in Watercolor", October 1, 2001. Highlight: “Other endangered sites that the HCS Legal Bureau seeks to save are the Huluga Caves in Cagayan de Oro…” Arch. Villalon.
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