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  Results in Balulang

The team was able to discover twenty-one archaeological sites. The following is the list of archaeological sites discovered in Barangay Balulang with their respective area and museum site codes, location, property owner, description of the site, description of the soil, soil type and surface finds:

A. Balulang Rockshelter


Location Sitio Balulang
Map coordinates N-S 8° 26 ' 25
E-W 124° 37 ' 35
Property owner  
Elevation 50 m
Geographical features

Rockshelter in a sandstone formation, covered with shrubs and vines.

Soil Sandy loam; undisturbed.
Surface finds Pottery sherd

B . Balungis Rockshelters


Location Sitio Balungis
Map coordinates N-S 8° 27 ' 15
E-W 124° 37 ' 45
Property owner Cocoy Velez
Elevation 50 m
Geographical features

Rockshelter in a conglomerate formation; covered partially with balete trees, ipil, wild vines and shrubs; two rockshelters were found in this formation.

Soil Loam; disturbed.
Surface finds Human cranial and long bones, pottery sherds, freshwater univalve (Faunus ater)

C. Kros Rockshelter (Plate 9 and 10)


Location Sitio Balungis
Map coordinates N-S 8° 27 ' 30
E-W 124° 37 ' 31
Property owner Sencio Abuntalia
Tenant Felix Tagam
Elevation 60 m
Geographical features

Rockshelter in a sandstone conglomerate formation; covered with balete trees, wild vines, shrubs and ferns (pteridophytes)

Soil Loam; disturbed, but there was a portion of the floor covered with loam soil and a boulder.
Surface finds

Human skeletons; pottery sherds with designs (variety of forms and designs):

a. Vessels forms (Figure 6)

  1. Bowl
  2. Plate with base
  3. Cylindrical vessel
  4. Undetermined vessels (4)
  5. Vase
  6. Dish
  7. Jar (small, medium, large)
    • Angular neck
    • Spherical
  8. Bowl with base
  9. Pot (small, medium, large)
    • Spherical
    • Angular neck
    • Ovaloid

b. Rim types (general classification) (Figure 7)

  1. Rolled lip
  2. Restricted
  3. Unrestricted

c. Designs (Figure 8)

  1. Incised and punctate designs
  2. Incised geometric designs
  3. Excised stamped designs
  4. Excised designs
  5. Stamped with geometric designs

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  Published by the Heritage Conservation Advocates, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, October 21, 2001. Republished online February 26, 2011.